Ideation and Creative Direction
Have a business idea but no game content? Finding it hard to create a coherent game vision that wows stakeholders and publishers?
I can rapidly generate unique game concepts around your specifications.With years of pitching to the world's biggest game creators, I also know what it takes to sell them to whoever you need to impress.
System Design and Analysis
Need game systems set up or need help fixing an existing system? Want a in-depth analysis of your current product to help spot issues?
I am an expert at system design and have plenty of experience fighting fires on new projects. I know your competitors inside out and know what makes them tick - and whether your game has what it takes.
Monetisation & Live Service
You have a great game but you are unsure how it best will make money, or you would like to improve an already running game?
I have successfully employed a variety of monetisation techniques across different genres and audiences, from core to casual. I can advise on the best systems to use at inception, and where you can take your elder game players once you launch.
Gamification & UX
Want to take your product to the next level and imbue it with some game magic? 
I can help increasing retention, understanding and enjoyment of your digital products using tried and proven mechanics from games. 
Design Workshops 
Your game needs to pivot but your designers don't have the right skill set? Or you want to get better at understanding digital interactive products and the design philosophies behind it?
I offer on-site workshops tailored to your team and needs!
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